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Massage Therapy Program

Our Program

The purpose of the Laurel School of Massage 500-Hour State of Texas training program is to prepare students with the knowledge and skills necessary to apply to become a licensed massage therapist in Texas. A person who has graduated from massage therapy school and passed one of the national exams or the Texas State exam must apply for and be granted licensure prior to practicing massage therapy, for compensation, on the public. The course of study at Laurel School of Massage will provide a strong background in the theory and practice of massage. The 5-Day per week morning program length is approximately 5 months and the 3-Day per week evening program length is approximately 10-1/2 months (Evening Program is not currently Available). These projected timelines include the time necessary to complete internship. Ample time will be provided for the students to perform their internship whereby completing the entire course of study.

The course requirements are as follows:

SM101 Swedish Massage 200 Hours
A101 Anatomy 50 Hours
P102 Physiology 25 Hours
K101 Kinesiology 50 Hours
PA101 Pathology 40 Hours
HY101 Hydrotherapy 20 Hours
BE101 Business Practices & Ethics 45 Hours
HH101 Health and Hygiene 20 Hours
I101 Internship 50 Hours

TOTAL 500 Hours


Please call for or email for information on currently available classes.

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